How much tax a business saves will not just depend on what their effective tax rate is on profit earnings but also the type of allowances being claimed (e.g. 130% Super Deduction). 


Use the calculator to estimate your overall potential tax cash saving and initial Year 1 saving for your capital allowances project*. 

* Please note that the above is designed for projects that are started and completed in the same tax year. Projects which overlap an accounting period will have a more complicated tax cash flow arising from more than one Annual Investment Allowance and greater deferment of Structures and Building Allowances (which normally only begins on completion).  Businesses with short or long accounting periods can require allowances to be time apportioned and additional rules exist for pre-trading expenditure to make sure the right incentive is available. If you would like a more comprehensive tax cash flow with additional modelling (e.g. for the above and Research & Development Allowances) we will be delighted to hear from you