How it works

FURASTAHUB is a unique cloud based capital allowances platform that eliminates complex spreadsheets and tax legislation analysis to identify qualifying items in a variety of commercial real estate projects. The online platform contains all the information needed to help you capture the right costs and generate a detailed capital allowances report (with CSV back-up) on completion.


Using in-built system controls to check entitlement for UK tax allowances*, the platform creates tailored online tax templates for your business and project circumstance.


Templates enable users to learn what qualifies and why. Helping users plan and track expenditure and make the most of the available tax relief.


Enter costs into the online template and upload supporting data at a time to suit you. Collaborate with others by inviting your project team members to join in and complete costs item details.


On completion simply generate your   project tax report (with optional white labelling) - all at the click of a button. The report provides a record of what qualifies and can be used for filing purposes.

System covers plant & machinery allowances, contaminated land remediation relief, repairs and structures and buildings allowances for most commercial construction projects (see FAQs for more details)

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