The simplest way to save tax in construction projects

FURSATAHUB is a unique cloud based capital allowances platform built for business owners and their advisers. It eliminates complex spreadsheets and tax legislation analysis to quickly identify qualifying items in a variety of commercial real estate projects. It contains all the information needed to help capture the right costs to generate HMRC compliant reports and can be used independently or by a team working collaboratively. You can save fees and deliver significant tax savings - all for the cost of a technical handbook or an hour of an experienced senior specialist.

Fully automated PDF report generation

Fast results with 60-90 minutes per claim

Built in entitlement checks & controls

Helpful tips with links to HMRC guidance 

Case law and technical commentary

Upload and store documents 

Invite others to work with you

Create multiple project reports

Our Story

Our cloud based platform is designed by tax, technology and real estate experts with over 20 years experience in capital allowances, workflow automation and data management.

Our Vision

To make it easier for businesses without dedicated capital allowances expertise to have greater control of the claims process, save time and money. 


Secure, remote access capital allowances platform that enables users to learn what qualifies, enter data and submit for automated report generation.

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